Dr Bonaros, Glasgow, Scotland / Hair Transplant result / 2004 FUE grafts

This patient, 37 years old, underwent a hair transplant procedure with 2004 grafts, equating to 4180 hairs, to restore his frontal scalp.

Graft breakdown:
1-Hair FUs: 344 grafts – 344 hairs
2- Hair FUs: 1165 grafts – 2330 hairs
3-Hair FUs: 474 grafts – 1422 hairs
4-Hair FUs: 21 grafts – 84 hairs

This is the result after 9 months:

The following photos show the recipient area immediately before and after, 10 days, two months, and nine months after the procedure​

A random and homogeneous pattern of extraction allowed for excellent healing, as shown in the photos below.​

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