Dr Bonaros, Glasgow, UK / Receding Hairline Hair Transplant Result / 1814 FUE grafts / 0-12 Months

This patient, 43 years old, underwent a hair transplant procedure with 1814 grafts, equating to 4752 hairs, to restore his receding hairline at our clinic in Glasgow. Dr Bonaros performed all the steps of the FUE hair transplant procedure. The grafts were extracted using a 0.90 mm motorised punch and were implanted using sharp Implanter Pens.

Graft breakdown: 1-Hair FUs: 102 grafts -- 102 hairs 2- Hair FUs: 726 grafts -- 1452 hairs 3-Hair FUs: 766 grafts -- 2298 hairs 4-Hair FUs: 200 grafts -- 800 hairs 5-Hair FUs: 20 grafts - 100 hairs

1814 grafts - 4752 Hairs
Hairs/Grafts Ratio: 2.61​

Below you can see a few images before, immediately after and twelve months after his procedure. The patient is thrilled with his new hairline and plans to have his crown area treated next year.

Thank you.