Dr Cole, ForHair, Patient BLL 2584 FUE - Before and after photos + Video Review

  • Procedure Type:CIT (Cole FUE)
  • Number of Grafts:2,584
  • Norwood Scale: Type 5
  • Additional Treatment:CRP (Cytokine Rich Plasma), ACell
  • Included Shaved Donor Photo

The following patient received 2,584 FUE scalp hair grafts back in 2018, the patient was asked to fill in and lower his receding hairline and add density to the scalp. His recipient area was also treated with CRP in conjunction with 30 mg of Acell and Finasteride. Dr. Cole used a 1.00 mm and a 1.05 serrated punch made by ColeInstruments on this procedure. The hairline is very natural-looking, This is by many the main reason patients choose Forhair and Dr. Cole for their FUE procedure.

Patient Review

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