Dr. Hasson / 5031 grafts / FUE / 1 session / Hairline-Frontal Zone-Mid / dense pack / 10 months post-op

This patient in his mid-40’s from a neighboring province had decided it was time to do something about his receded hairline and frontal zone. It was something that had started to bother him in his 30’s when he noticed his hairline was beginning to erode. He had previously tried a laser cap in hopes that it may improve his hairline to a somewhat acceptable degree. He did not like using it and more importantly, he did not see any results which is not unusual in most cases especially where there is little to no existing hair. Certainly, any small improvement, if possible, would not be nearly as significant as restoring the areas with a hair transplant procedure.
His initial consultation at the Vancouver surgery center confirmed that his above average donor hair and favorable characteristics coupled with Dr. Hasson and the team’s talents would achieve a high-density result and produce the cosmetic impact he was looking for. Considering that with FUE Dr. Hasson can place the grafts at a slightly higher density than would be possible with FUT and given the areas to cover and all other factors, Dr. Hasson felt he would need approximately 5,000 grafts depending on hairline placement. At the end of the day, 5031 were required. The procedure was performed over 2 consecutive days. Day 1 consisted of 2,700 grafts of which 300 were single hair grafts,1575 were doubles and 825 were 3-4 hair grafts. Day 2 produced 1326 doubles and 1005 3-4 hair grafts. 2-day totals: 300 singles, 2901 doubles, 1830 3-4 hair grafts.

These photos taken at the clinic at his follow up visit represent the result 10 months post-op.