Dr. Hasson /6,048 Grafts/ FUE/ 1 Session/ 10 months post-op

This Vancouver area patient in his mid-30’s was increasingly having trouble styling his hair to conceal the thinning areas. He initially filled out the online consultation form from our website. We estimated something in the 4,000 to 5,000 graft range via FUE to be possible and would achieve a significant cosmetic improvement. Due to his proximity to the clinic, we also invited him in for an in-house evaluation.
Considering all factors associated with his donor hair and the areas to restore, Dr. Hasson determined something closer to 6,000 may be possible and necessary considering his above average stature and larger than average sized head. Ultimately 6,048 FUE grafts were harvested over 2 days. Day 1 yielded 300 single hair grafts, 1,508 doubles and 1,298 3-4 hair grafts for a total of 3106 grafts. Day 2 completed the task with an additional 2,942 grafts. 1270 doubles and 1,672 3-4 hair grafts. These photos were taken 10 months post-op.