Dr. Nikos - hairline and frontal reconstruction 1500 FUE

Hello, to share this result performed by Dr. Nikos.

The patient has good hair characteristics, medium-coarse hair, and a lower contrast between his hair colour and skin complexion. A new hairline was designed. The goal was to keep a fairly conservative approach but one that would frame his face well without being too low. Then moving back through his existing hair within the frontal area.

Below are pre-op and then a comparison before and the result. Surgical Details:

Total numbers of hair follicles = 1500

1 hair unit = 375 follicular units (375 hairs)
2 hair units = 675 follicular units (1350 hairs)
3 hair units = 450 follicular units (1350 hairs)

Average 2.05 hairs per unit