Hair Transplant Repair 1534 Grafts

These series of photos showcase a patient who underwent surgery in another clinic to his frontal hairline and unfortunately he didn’t grow well. He had a total of 1534 grafts transplanted to his frontal zone using the Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) technique.

We had little information on how surgery was carried out previously and therefore no clarity on what may have caused substandard regrowth. We noted that he had extensive scarring in his donor and recipient area that we had to navigate during surgery. We purposefully planned a conservative surgery to his hairline and forelock to give him a greater chance of achieving an aesthetically pleasing result.

On a side note- the patient used hair dye before surgery hence the difference in his hair colour- he is naturally grey!

His results are 1 year post surgery.

Surgeons: Dr Vara, Dr Fernando