Hattingen Hair - FUT Hair Transplant

5319 FUT

Our patient, classified as Norwood 6, wanted to get as much coverage as possible from the hairline to the crown in one session. The positioning of the hairline was decided on the basis of the approximate number of follicular units obtainable, we also had to intervene on the lateral humps (front temporal bands) to anticipate the future fall in those areas.
The density was progressively reduced the closer we got to the crown to achieve total coverage with 5,319 follicular units for an area that, in most cases, requires around 7,000 follicular units for adequate coverage and density.
A key factor that has helped the patient is the average number of hairs per follicular unit which is much higher than normal

FU´s Hair
1- 297 297
2- 1988 3976
3- 1881 5643
4- 1153 4612
----------- ----------
5319 FU = 14528 hair Average = 2.73 hair for FU