Repair case by Dr Arshad (The Hair Dr Clinic - UK) of previous FUT x 2 - softening of hairline, angle correction and graft densification

Dear forum members/viewers,

We present the case of a 52 year gentlemen who had 2 previous FUT surgeries performed in the UK.

He was left with a rim of unnatural and coarse hair at the front of his hairline. He wanted a softer look to his hairline and density adding to the fronto-temporal region.

Surgical details

Surgeon: Dr Arshad FRCS

Technique: Motorised FUE (0.8 sharp punch), incisions with 1.0 customised cold steel blade.

Graft count

Single hair follicular units = 506 (of which 178 = ultra refined soft singles)

Double hair follicular units = 1007

Triple/+ hair follicular units = 271

Total = 1784 grafts

Medical Therapy

Minoxidil 5% + dermaroller, Biotin

Not on Finasteride (patient choice)