10 Yr Result w/Shapiro Medical Group

This patient had ht surgery with Shapiro Medical Group over 10 years ago. Dr. Ron Shapiro addressed the frontal half of the head with 2100 grafts. The patient has been conservative in his approach to hair restoration wanting to address the hair loss where it bothered him the most. The majority of the grafts were distributed behind the frontal tuft where diffused thinning was much more evident. 200 DFU`s were used in the central area of the scalp for density.

Surgery #1 Dr. Ron Shapiro

Total Grafts/Hairs = 2093gr /4273 hairs

Fortunately for this patient, the progression of loss has slowed in the last 10 years since hes been on ht meds. Dr. Paul Shapiro performed a second procedure couple of weeks ago to restore the second half of the scalp. With the patients conservative approach, the second session consisted of 1789 grafts to address the back half. Again, addressing what bothered the patient the most while conserving grafts for the future.

Upon close inspection of the recipient area of previous work, Dr. Paul could not differentiate 2 or 3 hair grafts from the DFU`s, even under magnification.

Surgery #2 Dr. Paul Shapiro

Total Grafts/Hairs = 1789gr /3373 hairs