17 Months after 3320 FUE Grafts – Dr Christina – HDC Hair Clinic

This is a 31-year-old NW Class 5 patient who wanted to cover all his baldness. Dr Christina and the HDC Medical Team decided to proceed with a two stage Hair Transplant coverage. In 1st FUE to cover the Front area and on the 2nd one to cover the crown.

So, 3320 grafts were placed as you can see in the post operation photos with irregular front line and normal distribution of grafts. This is the so-called pattern of placing, and the grafts are distributed in such a way so there are no empty spots or corridors within the transplanted grafts. Important is also the correct angle of placing that makes the hair look natural and you can style it as non-transplanted hair.

We also include the donor post op photo, that shows how proportionately the grafts extraction was distributed over the donor area. This is important because you always need to leave healthy hair in between the extracted ones, so that the donor will not look depleted, and it will not look emptier in some areas. It is the difference in density within the donor that makes it look empty.

To achieve these grafts extraction, you need care and time, and this is one of the main reasons why this surgery takes 2 days and not 4 hours as in some low-cost Clinics.

By the way this patient is coming back this month for also covering his crown

Finally, you can see the result in the photos below.


Immediately after

17 Months after