2 Stage FUE Hair Transplant- Hairline Feminisation- 2319 Grafts

This patient presented to us wanting to feminise her hairline has part of her transition journey. She underwent an initial small feminisation procedure (1253 grafts) before undergoing a second procedure (1066) to fully feminise her hairline in a 2 stage FUE Hair transplant journey utilising a total of 2319 grafts.

She decided to split her surgery over 2 procedures as she preferred the FUE technique but didn’t want to shave her hair entirely and was happy with the gradual transition with smaller procedures requiring a minimal shave.

Her pictures showcase results 1 and 2 years after her initial surgery. Both surgeries utilised implanter pens to directly implant her hair to help shape and direct her hair direction and angulation.

Surgeons: Dr Vara, Dr Fernando.