2400 Grafts Crown Result – 9 Months After – HDC Hair Clinic – Dr Maras

This is a 39-year-old patient who wanted to cover his crown. We include the dimensions of the crown in the before photo. HDC Hair Clinic used 2400 grafts to cover this area as you can see in the post op photo.

The patient has sent us his result photo after 9 months and it looks quite good.

This can be an indicative crown result with a slight see though factor on the squirl. We always tell our patients that crown results are not supposed to look thick like front or top area results. This is due to the hair direction on the crown and is normal to have a see-through element.

This way the result is more natural. Also, we need to be careful with the spending of grafts as usually crowns become bigger over time and then a thick crown surrounded by a thinner circle can look unnatural.

In hair transplantation aim for a good natural result with respect to the donor!


Immediately after

9 Months after