3400 grafts on a Diffuse Thinning case – 1 year after - HDC Hair Clinic

The patient sought a tailored solution for his specific pattern of baldness, characterized by a presence of hair along the hairline and a pronounced thinning on the Top area, with the donor area also presenting diffused characteristics.

Dr Maras as his responsible doctor strategically commenced transplantation just behind to the existing frontal hair, ensuring a density that would integrate well, and give a natural result.

So, 3416 grafts were transplanted, and the result came up very nice looking very natural.

Please pay attention to the recipient and donor post operation photos that shows the quality of the work done, with he use of a small punch and minimum trauma.

The patient expressed profound satisfaction with the results, a sentiment further echoed by his decision to share his comprehensive experience on this forum.


Immediately after

5 days after

1 year after