3650 Grafts FUE Result – NW3-4 – HDC Hair Clinic Dr Christina - 1 year After

This is a 34-year-old patient who has lost his hair in the front and half top area and is heading towards class NW4. He has thin hair in the class 4 area which will be lost in the coming years, and he will need further hair transplantation in this area.

HDC Hair Clinic with leading doctor being Dr Christina Vryonidou have transplanted 3650 grafts to cover the front area. The extraction of the grafts has been equally distributed over the whole useful donor, so that it will look uniform and be ready for the next FUE for the area behind the transplanted one.

Dr Christina is achieving natural irregular hairline results as you can see in the photos that follow. The detail of the work is always more detectable in the clear post operation photos.

HDC Hair Clinic and its Medical Team achieve state of the art hair transplant results over time and patients coming to us have the certainty that they will get the best that the industry can give them.


Immediately After

1 Year after