Before and 7.5 months After 3050 FUE grafts – Class 3 – Dr Christina – HDC Hair Clinic

This is a 29-year-old patient with thinning hair in the front and relatively thin donor especially on the sides. We had to make the optimum for him and in the end, we ended up with 3050 grafts to cover this area.

As you can see Dr Christina maintained the height of his hairline, thus giving less pressure to the donor on future hair transplant needs.

Each case must be personalized and offer the patient the best possible design having in mind his future possible hair loss. Natural results over time must be correctly designed with a proactive approach from the beginning so as to avoid repair surgeries later.

In this case for example the hair/fu is as follows:
Singles 1189, Doubles 1318, Triples 543, which shows the low yield per follicular unit due to below average donor area. Even though, these grafts were distributed with the correct pattern in the recipient area, giving a very good result.

The patient is very happy with his result, and he approved to make this post with face.


Immediately after

7.5 Months after