Case dr. lupanzula: 2538 ufs, fue - temples-hairline/crown

Hello everyone!

We are delighted to present a new case treated by Dr. Lupanzula, involving a 33-year-old patient who exclusively relies on Minoxidil as their treatment.

The patient’s objective was to achieve increased hair density in the temple areas, along with a redesign of the frontal hairline and augmentation of the crown area (approximately 600 grafts were used in this region).

Dr. Lupanzula successfully extracted a total of 2,538 follicular units using the FUE technique. These units consisted of 370 single, 1,145 double, 949 triple, and 70 quadruple grafts. The Hair-to-Graft (H/G) ratio was calculated at 2.28.

The initial set of photos included in this presentation showcases the patient’s condition before the surgery and the immediate post-surgery results.

We invite you to follow this post thread for future developments on this patient’s case.
More photos will be periodically published to document their progress.

Stay tuned for updates!