Check hair extraction (pics inside) & excellent healing

Dear readers and fellow doctors,
I have recieved many messages from doctors who say that they understand the necessity of using body and beard hair to alleviate scalp baldness. But they are unsure about how to get good yield and even whether body hair will grow well on scalp.
Additionally, one is correctly worried about the scarring potential if very refined techniques and instruments are not used.

Therefore, in continuation of sharing my journey in BHT, I am tabulating some cases that show/prove excellent healing in the most exposed donor, i.e., beard donor including the hair on the chin and cheeks if correct methods are used.

Case 1
This patient required beard redesigning.
This surgery was performed in early 2014.
He did not like the hair too high up on his cheeks. The hair were removed using the FUSE technique and the “expanding needle concept”.
Please note the immaculate healing without any visible scars on the cheeks.

Dr A