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Do you plan a second marriage before the first one? Well, you never do so. No one wishes to rectify things unless they are left with no option. The same should be with hair transplants. One must do thorough research and choose the clinic so wisely that they must never require to go for corrective surgery. Nevertheless, humans are bound to make mistakes. Vibhor somehow got trapped in the wrong hands for his hair transplant. Consequently, he had to witness depressing results and an unnatural hairline. This failed hair transplant procedure swallowed his confidence like a giant.

But, he rectified his mistake on time and this time with detailed research. He trusted Eugenix for his corrective surgery. One who is burnt from milk swallows butter milk carefully. Thus, one can imagine how hard it was for Vibhor to trust anyone to touch his hair for a hair job. But, he had the audacity to get the hair job done a second time. One year, down the line Eugenix didn’t let him down.

In August 2021, we addressed corrective surgery of Vibhor. We understood very well that if at the age of 24 he is going through a corrective surgery then utmost precision and skill were required to handle his case. A total of 2578 grafts were extracted from his scalp and were implanted to outdraw the best possible hairline.