Crown FUE Hair Transplant - Farjo Hair Institute

This is a patient in his 40s, with a thinner front and top and bald crown. He does not use or want to use hair meds. He knows the possible risks of future thinning with or without meds. For these reasons, Dr. Farjo used the minimum number of grafts to achieve a good illusion of density - coverage and preserve his donor if he decides he wants further surgery in the future. His aim was simply not to have such a shiny crown with a more even coverage of hair from front to back. His thought process was to look a bit better, especially if he caught a glance showing the back of his head. He happened to be in Manchester at the 6 month stage and called in for us to take a look. The last picture was submitted by the patient at 8 months. He will be visiting again in the New Year for his first follow up.

He had an average of 2.8 hairs per graft. 1650 grafts were transplanted.