DHI Hair Transplant Method

Hair transplantation with the DHI method, also known as the pen technique, is the realization of FUE hair transplantation with a special tip pen (Choi Pen). Choi is also known as hair transplant or unshaven hair transplant method. Choi’s needle has a thin round and sharp tip in terms of shape. In DHI hair transplantation, hair follicles are collected from the donor area through this needle. This method differs from other FUE hair transplant methods by directly transplanting the hair follicles to the bald area without opening a canal. In summary, the known channel opening and placement stages of the FUE method are performed simultaneously in DHI through the choi pen. Thus, it is thought that the success of hair transplantation has increased since the hair follicles are kept less outside the body.

Apart from these methods, various treatment methods such as stem cell and hair cloning are also discussed in terms of hair transplantation methods, but these two treatment methods are currently in the infancy, more precisely in the research and development phase, and there are no definite data or results yet. Currently, the FUE Technique has been developed with the methods attached to it and has reached its current position and has been a ray of hope for many people.