Dr Arshad / The Hair Dr Clinic (Leeds,UK) - 2873 grafts by FUE. 12 month follow up images

Dear forum members/viewers,

We would like to present this case of a patient who had significant recession of the front-temporal regions and frontal tuft island formation.

The patient was growing his hair from the mid scalp area to cover the front. He underwent FUE hair transplant by Dr Arshad.

The post operative pictures are presented at 12 months. A close up of the hairline (with the hair lifted) is shown.

The graft count was:

Single FU’s = 327

Double FU’s = 1182

Triple FU’s/+ = 1364

Total: 2873

On the next follow up we plan to capture a comb through with the hair wet and dry and I will post this in due course.

Any questions please do let me know.

Kind regards

(from Dr Arshad’s clinic)