Dr Ball - The Maitland Clinic 2280 Grafts by FUE

This patient in his early 60s visited Dr Ball to address loss over a large area from the hairline to crown. His loss had been gradual and slow due to the use of minoxidil over 10 years. He was keen to explore a more subtle change over a large area so it was not obvious to others that he had a transplant. Dr Ball was able to harvest 2280 grafts by the FUE method to cover from the hairline and into the crown. His low contrast from hair to skin has allowed this approach to be possible when using a modest number of grafts over a large area.

This patient had excellent donor density and his 2280 grafts yielded 5471 hairs which averages out to nearly 2.4 hairs per graft. The results seen here are one year post op.

He is delighted with his results and was very happy to share them online to help others considering a similar approach.