Dr. Bisanga and Dr. Kostis BHR Clinic - MEGA-Sessions FUE/Body Hair Repair Patient - 9917 Grafts NW6 - Full coverage! Patient video included!

The patient came to us after a bad surgery in his home country resulting in poor growth and an over-harvested donor.

With a lot of loss and one subpar surgery already, the challenge was to then harvest the grafts carefully for his advanced loss and blend in beard hair that we had to tap into as a supplementary source. The goal was full coverage, and this meant a lot of grafts and the need for mega-sessions. The result has truly been life changing for him and here he gives his own video and testimony of what it means to him personally!

Thankfully, the patient came for a recent check-up to meet Dr. Bisanga in person and was kind enough to allow full face photos and video. This is a rarity and is much appreciated. A big thank you to him!!

The result has been very significant for the patient and this was why he was also so willing to share all that he has.

As you will see, Dr. Bisanga also noticed a softening of the beard hair on the scalp as detailed in the video.

Patient is in his late 30s and uses minoxidil.

Scalp: 7867
Beard: 2050