Dr.Bisanga, BHR Clinic 1489 FUE 0 - 5 Months Fast Growth Curly Hair

Dr.Bisanga, BHR Clinic 1489 FUE 0 - 5 Months Fast Growth

Patient in mid 40s with coarse and curly hair. Goals were to place into the recession from a more symmetrical hair line going backwards. Curly/Afro type hair has challenged in harvesting it in that the curl is more of a challenge than straight hair presents, so an understanding of this is essential in these cases. The attachment and depth of graft and skin thickness can also differ. The characteristics also mean that less grafts are needed to get a pleasing result as the curl will play to the patient’s advantage in terms of coverage when grown to sufficient length to benefit from the curl.

This patient has experienced fast growth and had significant change from four months and presents photos at both the four and five month period. He looks great already but will have more growth and maturity to come.

No medication taken for hair loss.

A big thank you to the patient for sharing his case and also full-face photos provided and his enthusiasm also in doing this.


1s - 350/350
2s - 564/1128
3s - 454/1362
4s - 121/484

TOTAL: 1489/3324.

Hair per FU average is 2.2