Dr. Bisanga BHR Clinic, 1800 FUE Hairline Repair 0 - 7.5 Months

Firstly, thank you to the patient for providing the photos and for his permission to use his case and share his experience pictorially.
The patient had previous surgeries and wanted to add density and more symmetry to the hairline whilst slightly lowering it.
Dr. Bisanga was able to achieve these objectives with 1800 grafts, being able to lower and blend and work back through the previous work.
The patient has experienced very fast and impressive growth so far and kindly provided photos at 7.5 months. We will continue to post as the result develops through to the 12 month period.

Graft/Hair Breakdown:-

1s = 285 = 285 Hairs
2s = 479 = 952 Hairs
3s = 760 = 2280 Hairs
4s = 276 = 1104 Hairs
**Total - 1800 grafts / 4621 Hairs / 2.5 Average



3 Months Quote “Looking great already, gaps are closing and hair line is looking good”

5 Months Quote “DR.B work is really becoming noticeable now, the gaps filling and hair line lowering”

7 Months Quote “Assymetry had been put right and the gaps are improving all the time. Excellent work I feel”.

7.5 Months

Close up wet at 7.5 months "Straight out of the pool"

Comparison 7.5 Months