Dr. bisanga - bhr clinic / 2405 fue hair transplant

Good evening,

This patient underwent an operation in Brussels with Dr. BISANGA and the BHR Clinic team 4 months ago.

The images, except those of the day of surgery, have been provided by the patient himself.

Surgical details

Age: 37

Technique: FUE

Medication: Minoxidil

Donor densities: 80-80 FUs/cm2

Hair Caliber: Fine

* FU breakdown:-

1s 399

2s 1461

3s 545

TOTAL: 2405

That means 2405 FU = 4956 Hairs. Average = 2,06 hairs/FU.

The goal of this surgery was to rebuild the frontal third of this patient, keeping the same hairline design that he still kept to a degree.

Previous situation Pre-Post Surgery 10 Days 4 Months Comparative 0-4 Months Greetings to everyone.