Dr. Bisanga - BHR Clinic - 2500 FUE - 8 Months Post Surgery

The patient wanted to address his frontal recession, re-build his hairline and temple closures.

Initial in person consultation saw Dr. Bisanga recommend 2400 to 2600 grafts to address the thinning present deeper into the frontal third. This was ultimately achieved utilising 2500 grafts.

The patient has kindly provided the following video to show the true extent of how well his result has come in with a thick and natural appearance and further maturation to come.

The patient was on finasteride at the time of surgery and has continued with the addition of oral minoxidil post surgery.

Patient Quote:-

I’m very pleased with the result and receive lots of compliments, especially from hairdressers. I’m so grateful for the quality and dedicated of the team which has given me such good results.

Graft/Hair Breakdown:-

1s = 421/421
2s = 809/1618
3s = 1085/3255
4s = 185/740

Total:- 2500/6034 - 2.4 Hairs per FU average.