Dr.Bisanga BHR Clinic 3000 FUE 0 - 8 Months

FUE 0 - 8 Months result so far.

Age at time of surgery 31 and not on medication so FINASTERIDE was recommended & prescribed.

Breakdown of grafts:-
1s 660
2s 1314
3s 724
4s 302

TOTAL 3000

Patient wanted to address the frontal third thinning and re-create temple points. His friend had come to us and obtained a great result
that then led him to us also.

Patient quote at 8 months:-
"The growth has come along really well. See attached some progress photos and do let me know your thoughts. I guess there will still be a little left to grow, but I presume I am mostly there. I am very pleased with the results. "

The donor was good density in area but above ears was lower density and thus we were mindful of that in the harvesting process.