Dr. Bisanga BHR Clinic Brussels - 2507 FUE 0 - 7 Months

I am very happy to be able to present the following result, currently at 7 months post surgery on behalf of the patient.

The patient is already showing very good growth at this early stage with a very natural outcome and still has more to look forward to.

Further updates will be provided over the next months.

Goals of Surgery - Rebuild hairline, increase density behind hairline and into existing hair.

Challenges - Direction of hair with slight cowlick in the hairline

Total - 2507 Graft

Graft Breakdown:-
1s 403 = 403 Hairs
2s 875 = 1750 Hairs
3s 1040 = 3120Hairs
4s 189 = 756 Hairs

Total: 2507/6029 = 2.4 Average hair per graft.




7 Months All photos provided by the patient