Dr.Bisanga + Dr.Kostis, 2980 FUE 0 - 5 MONTHS..SUPER FAST AND DENSE GROWTH!

A Big thank you to the patient for providing these photos as 5 months.

The goal was to re-establish a natural hair line and place back into the diffused area in the frontal third. This was done with a conservative approach yet achieving already a very pleasing result even early on at this time. The density and naturalness is stark and a transformation that cannot be underestimated.

This surgery was shared between doctors Bisanga/Kostis and you can see the usual FUE traditional BHR Clinic extraction pattern kept to, spreading well and nice clean work in the recipient area.

We will endeavour to update as and when the patient sends us new photos.



1s = 511/511
2s = 1384/2768
3s = 1016/3048
4s = 69/276

TOTAL: 2980/6602 - 2.2 HAIR PER FU AVERAGE.