Dr. Bisanga - Dr. Kostis 4018 FUE - 0 - 12 MONTHS - Hairline, Crown, Temples + 1008 Beard to Beard

This patient of 41 years of age came to us for a repair after previous FUE surgery elsewhere. He was left with a pluggy and sparse hairline.

His goals were to -

:white_check_mark: Repair and refine the hairline and work back through the thinning area.
:white_check_mark: Strengthen and accentuate the temple points
:white_check_mark: Re-inforce the crown that was thinning throughout
:white_check_mark: Add density and design to beard where there were areas of less hair.

Dr. Bisanga and Dr .Kostis were able to address all of the patient’s goals and here we see the outcome at 12 months for all areas. All photos have been provided by the patient and sent to us. Naturally he is very happy with all of the outcomes in the hairline, temples, crown and beard.

The challenges were that the donor had areas of over harvesting and significant scars from the first surgery. We needed careful harvesting to obtain the grafts needed and including finer single hairs for hair line and temple points. Placing among the previous poor work also is more of a challenge than virgin cases but you can see the outcome is with very good density and naturalness.
Beard to beard was then used for the beard transplant.

Patient was advised also to commit to Oral Minoxidil.

Patient Quote -
“The results are fantastic. Those who know keep telling me that the results are unbelievable, and those who don’t know, they tell me that I look younger, but they can’t pinpoint as to why!”

FU to Hair Breakdown
1s - 1053/1053
2s - 1492/2984
3s - 1328/3984
4s - 145/580
TOTAL:- 4018/8601 - 2.14 Average, + Beard - 1008