Dr. Bisanga + Dr. Kostis - BHR Clinic - 2176 FUE - 0 - 5 Months

Pleased to be able to present the following result where the patient performed extensive research prior to booking surgery with us and is documenting his case with real time updates. All post-surgery material, photos and video is therefore from the patient and part of his review.

Pre- Surgery Quote

*Hey all. Wanted to share my journey with Dr. B + K at BHR. I am 36 years old, started receding at 17, and jumped on 1mg fin every day at 24 and have been taking it ever since. No other meds or effort other than that. My hairloss progressed maybe 5% at most since then. Looking back at pictures it looks the same at 25 as it did at 35, so I finally felt ready to make the leap.

I used to frequent these forums years ago and took a liking to Bisanga’s work back then, and after coming back and reading every thread I could read last year I came to the same conclusion. I really like the results I’ve seen on people with similar loss/pattern/texture. I considered H&W to stay closer to home (US), Nader or HMR to stay cheaper, but ultimately wanted to do what felt right.*

Age: 36
Meds: 1mg Finasteride
Goals: Address the deal the recession and establish a new hair line. Patient kept good record of post surgery healing to early growth and shared photo at 4 months and photo and self-taken video at 5 months and will continue to update.

1s - 434/434
2s - 1399/2798
3s - 334/1002
Average Hair per FU = 1.95



Post-Surgery & Healing

4 Months

5 Months