Dr Bonaros, Glasgow - 1456 FUE Grafts + Implanter Pens - 0 to 4 Months *Fast Grower*

Hi everyone.
This patient, 36 years old, underwent an FUE procedure with 1456 grafts, equating to 3621 hairs, to restore his receding hairline and a small thinning area behind the frontal tuft. Dr Bonaros performed all the steps of the hair transplant surgery.

Graft breakdown: 1-Hair FUs: 197 grafts -- 197 hairs 2- Hair FUs: 585 grafts -- 1170 hairs 3-Hair FUs: 467 grafts -- 1401 hairs 4-Hair FUs: 182 grafts -- 728 hairs 5-Hair FUs: 25 grafts - 125 hairs. Total FUs: 1456 Total Hairs: 3621

The grafts were extracted using a 0.8 mm motorised punch and were implanted using sharp Hair Implanter Pens.

Here are some photos before and immediately after the procedure.

The patient reported no post-op hair shedding.
Below you can see the results just 4 months after the surgery.

Thank you.