Dr Bonaros, Glasgow, Scotland / 2042 FUE grafts with One-Step Implantation / 0-6 months update

Hi everyone.
This young patient, 32 years old, underwent an FUE procedure with 2042 grafts, equating to 4933 hairs, to restore his receding hairline. Dr Bonaros performed all the steps of the hair transplant surgery.

Graft breakdown: 1-Hair FUs: 246 grafts -- 246 hairs 2- Hair FUs: 887 grafts -- 1774 hairs 3-Hair FUs: 720 grafts -- 2160 hairs 4-Hair FUs: 172 grafts -- 668 hairs 5-Hair FUs: 17 grafts - 85 hairs. Total FUs: 2042 Total Hairs: 4933​
The grafts were extracted using a 0.8 mm motorised punch and were implanted using sharp Hair Implanter Pens, with the One-Step Implantation Technique.
Here are some photos immediately post-op. ![](upload://lvrVnDd2OfHBMydlXNGYZKEN6Yn.jpeg) ![](upload://3zvdLJQ39poWktZfeWNypwJuxPS.jpeg)

This is the result after 6 months.


Patient feedback: " The growth has been brilliant and I’m very happy with the results".

Thank you.