Dr Bonaros, Glasgow, UK / 4033 FUE grafts / 0-12 Months

We are thrilled to share the success story of one of our male patients, 38 years old, who was struggling with severe male pattern baldness. The patient trusted Dr. Bonaros to perform a Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) hair transplant at our Glasgow clinic.

4033 FUE grafts, equivalent to 8024 hairs, were transplanted. Dr. Bonaros performed the extraction using a 0.85 mm motorized punch tool and sharp Implanter Pens for implantation. The grafts were placed in the frontal, mid-scalp and part of the crown regions to enhance hair density.

Graft breakdown:
1-Hair FUs: 1159 grafts – 1159 hairs
2- Hair FUs: 1861 grafts – 3722 hairs
3-Hair FUs: 913 grafts – 2739 hairs
4-Hair FUs: 96 grafts – 384 hairs
5-Hair FUs: 4 grafts - 20 hairs

4033 grafts - 8024 Hairs
Hairs/Grafts Ratio: 1.99
We have included images reflecting the patient’s status before the procedure, immediately after, and the full one-year post-procedure outcome.