Dr. Jean Devroye, HTS Clinic / 1523 FUE / Beard to beard restoration

Dr. Jean Devroye, HTS Clinic / 1523 FUE / Beard to beard restoration photo


32 years old

No medications.


This 32-year-old patient wished to restore his beard, which visibly lacked in density particularly on his cheeks.

Given the good amount of resources available in his beard donor area (the area under the chin and the neck), we agreed upon performing a FUE procedure employing beard grafts exclusively - the most reliable body hair. When available, I always recommend to use beard hair to perform a beard restoration, since it is proven to be the best resource to achieve natural results. We could also have considered the use of other body hair as well (i.e. coming from the chest, or the pubis); however this hair is usually weaker, hence less reliable in terms of transection rate and actual regrowth.

As you can appreciate in the photographic documentation below, the patient experienced almost no shedding of the transplanted grafts and a very early regrowth. The beard donor as well experienced a very fast and clean healing, with extractions signs barely (if) visible just one month after surgery. At the 6th month mark, the improvement was already remarkable. The photos that the patient sent in one year after the surgery depict his final results.

For those who are interested in knowing more about beard transplants and the technique/philosophy behind them, I recommend to visit the presentation at the following link, where the topic was extensively addressed : Dr. Jean Devroye, HTS Clinic / 1011 FUE / Beard to beard restoration


1523 grafts

✓ Technique : FUE

✓ Donor area : Beard

✓ Recipient area : Beard

FUE scoring and extractions executed with my WAW system, now widely used in the sphere of FUE. It consists of a very precise pedal that enables to control the movement of the punch, that I also designed myself. The main advantage is to reduce substantially the number of damaged and transected hair, thus to raise the quality of the procedure. The system is now used worldwide and several dozens of surgeons or centres are already using it.

Grafts Breakdown :
☞ 1523 Single FUE grafts

✓ Total number of Hair : 1523

✓ Average Hair/Graft : N/A

Dr. Jean Devroye