Dr. John Cole - Forhair Clnic Atlanta - FUE 2930 grafts Results

In his pursuit of a more youthful appearance, Patient FOD turned to Dr. Cole at Forhair Clinic. After a comprehensive evaluation, a customized plan was devised to address his unique hair loss concerns.
Precisely, 1,170 grafts were used to lower Patient FOD’s hairline and create a youthful contour. Further up, 1,760 grafts were expertly placed to boost hair density and volume on top.
Addressing the crown area, notorious for hair loss, 1,156 grafts were thoughtfully applied, resulting in a natural and harmonious outcome.
Patient FOD’s hair restoration journey was a remarkable success, showcasing impressive density and youthful vitality, thanks to Dr. Cole’s expertise and CRP (PRP) therapy.
Recognizing the ongoing nature of hair loss, Patient FOD opted for annual CRP (PRP) treatments with Alma Ted at Forhair Clinic to maintain his outstanding results.

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