Dr. Kostis BHR Clinic Brussels - 2950 FUE 0 - 5 Months

It is with great pride and pleasure that we present this case from Dr. Kostis and thank you to the patient also for allowing us to do so. He will keep good progress and share with us through to the 12 month mark.

Dr. Kostis who himself underwent a hair transplant earlier in the year and has seen very fast and tremendous growth, here also it is good to see that his own patient is following in the same trend!

Dr. Kostis has been dedicated to this field for the past 2 years and with close training under world renowned Dr. Bisanga, has himself now earned the right to use the BHR Clinic name and is presenting cases that are already showing the signature tune of Dr. Bisanga himself, fast growth, clean extraction with an educated pattern, a very natural and methodical spreading of the grafts to ensure that not only the right follicular units are used in the hair line, but also, there is a strategic placing throughout the frontal third to give the best illusion for minimal grafts used.

Here Dr. Kostis cut the recipient sites that give the depth, direction, density, angulation and overall result that the patient is looking for and with a conservative approach, keeping in mind future loss, was able to cover a significant area with 2950 grafts. In short the result at 5 months is looking good and is already a significant transformation for a patient who is himself a doctor and very happy with how things are going.

The best is still yet to come but here is a glimpse of what we will see in the coming months and also the quality, attention to detail, the growth and donor preservation that Dr.Kostis had developed and flourished under the eye of Dr.Bisanga, and indeed in keeping with all of the aspects that we deem important.

The patient is not on any medication for hair loss.

Graft Breakdown:-

1s 410 = 410 Hairs
2s 1382 = 2764 Hairs
3s 1011 = 3033 Hairs
4s 147 = 588 Hairs

Total: 2950/6795 = 2.3 Average Hair per graft.



Comparison Placement


At 5 Months

5 Months Donor