Dr. Nikos hair transplant result, grown out - hairline back over the mid-scalp 2850 grafts

Hello, to share this result performed by Dr. Nikos.

The patient has above-average hair characteristics. Medium to coarse hair calibre. Also, a higher-than-average number of multiple hair groupings. The goal was to create the hairline and frontal, then move back over the mid-scalp. Due to his good hair characteristics, it was possible to give good coverage for the number of grafts used, leaving only a smaller crown untreated. He is also on dutasteride which has helped.

Below is pre-op, and pre-op-graft placement. Then grown out result comparisons. His new hairline has framed his face well, without being aggressive. His good hair characteristics have given him balanced hair coverage, even if he never decides to treat his crown. We will try and add more images from different angles.

Surgical Details:

Total numbers of hair follicles = 2850 / 7154

1 hair unit = 484 follicular units (484 hairs)
2 hair units = 998 follicular units (1996 hairs)
3 hair units = 798 follicular units (2394 hairs)
4 hair units = 570 follicular units (2280 hairs)

Average 2.51 hairs per unit