Dr. Ron Shapiro - 2917 Grafts/5557 Hairs

A 12 months follow up appointment was held over the phone today. Patient had diffused thinning throughout the top half of his head with persistent frontal forelock hairs. From the front, his loss was difficult to assess but top and side views reveal his hair loss in better detail. Since the patient is in his mid 20 ��s, Dr. Ron Shapiro took the cautious approach (hairline was not brought down, coverage addressed a large area). And, the patient was made aware of the risks of shock loss and possible future ht work if hair loss progressed.

With his results from SMG and his daily regimen to keep his native hairs, he is absolutely thrilled with the coverage, density and naturalness. If he does lose more, he stated he ��d gladly come back to SMG.

We chatted about the effectiveness of the low level laser. He felt the laser along with Propecia worked well to keep his native hairs. The typical 14-15 shed hairs he used to see in the mornings dwindled down to 5-6 hairs. We ��re pleased he has not noticed further hair loss progression and that he couldn ��t be happier with his HT results.

Daily regimen: Propecia, biotin, vitamins & hand held low level laser treatments

Graft/Hair count: 2917 Grafts - 5557 Hairs

1’s - 876

2’s - 1516

3 ��s �� 451

4 ��s - 74

Before & Immediate post op pics