Eugenix hair sceinces | grade 4 | 6 year 5 months result

NW 4
Total Grafts- 3000
All Scalp
Area covered- Front

3000 grafts were used in Pradeep Singh’s transplant on November 18, 2016, by Eugenix Hair Sciences.

Mr. Pradeep Singh suffered baldness in the frontal zone and mid-scalp in addition to thinning in his crown area. He was grade 4 bald on the Norwood Hamilton scale when he was only 44 years old. He visited Eugenix to get a consultation for a hair transplant with Dr. Arika Bansal. He was advised to undergo a hair transplant treatment in order to recreate his hairline and restore his frontal zone. The back of the scalp served as the source for all of the donor grafts.

Post-procedure, he took finasteride for a few months, and after that, he stopped taking it. In the images, his outcomes are after six years and five months.

His hairline has come out very natural and wonderfully dense; however, due to a lack of interest in undertaking oral finasteride, baldness has progressed and the area behind the transplant area has become thin.

He is pleased with the outcomes and advises anyone considering hair transplantation to contact Eugenix Hair Sciences.