Eugenix hair science - dr. pradeep sethi - a perfect use of 3287 grafts


Total Grafts = 3287


The baldness of this patient was beautifully converted to boldness by team Eugenix. He touched cloud nine seeing the results of his hair transplant. Why wouldn’t he be on cloud nine? After all, Dr. Pradeep Sethi himself took care of his hair transplant in February 2021. A total of 3287 grafts did cast the spell of magic to bring the best in him. An Australian, living in Delhi for the last 8 years, who found his joy in the neighboring city. He didn’t do injustice in taking Finasteride daily on time and consequently, he witnessed excellent growth.

His gratification bought him again in the clinic of Eugenix, He visited recently, where he received 1060 grafts to get the full coverage on the crown. He was very happy with the procedure and thanked the Eugenix team.

Continue following the happy journey of this patient as we will keep updating his growth journey.


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