Frontal coverage – 3050 FUE grafts – 6.5 months after – HDC Hair Clinic

This is a 29-year-old patient who wanted to add hair to his hairline to blend with his existing hair behind the bald area. The initial hesitation from the HDC medical team and Doctor Maras was that if the patient would preserve the same number 1 short haircut, the transplanted hair could look slightly different from his existing hair. The Transplanted hair are placed with a density of about 50 Follicular units per cmsq, while the native hair may be thinner in this area with a higher number of grafts in one cm.

Well, In the end the patient accepted to grow his hair if needed and this hesitation was over. So HDC Transplanted 3050 FUE grafts, and the desired result has now been accomplished.

It is remarkable to notice the almost zero haircut of the patient in the donor area and that no visible sign of scarring is observed. This is what we call a two-way result. One way is the result in the recipient area and the other way is the result in the donor area.


Immediately after

6.5 Months after