Frontal coverage FUE result for 3200 grafts – HDC Hair Clinic with Dr Christina

This is a 26-year-old patient in Norwood 3 scale, who needed coverage in the front triangle. This patient has very good donor characteristics and good family history for hair loss.

HDC Medical Team with responsible physician being Dr Christina, transplanted 3204 grafts to cover this area. The grafts distribution is as follows:

Singles 605

Doubles 891

Triples or more 1708

Considering that we usually need 500 to 600 singles to create the front hairline with singles, we can conclude that the average number of hairs per follicular unit for this patient is about 2.65 hair per follicular unit. Also, the hair diameter is above average, so you can see a thick result.

When sometimes patient ask how my result will be, we say this is according to your Norwood class and donor quality. The result is constituted by 3 main factors as follows:

Number of grafts pe square CM

Number of hairs per graft

Hair diameter

You can see the result and I hope the above explanations will educate the readers of this forum.


Immediately after

2 months after

3 months after

6 months after