FUE Hair Transplant with Dr. Wong /1300 Grafts/ Hairline/temple points/ 1 Session/ 1 year post-op

This Vancouver based patient in his late 20’s approached Hasson and Wong in hopes of restoring density to his hairline. He first began to lose his hair in his mid-20’s characterized by thinning of the temples along with some hairline recession. Upon review of this patient’s case, Dr. Wong determined he would be a good candidate for the procedure and reconstruction of the temple points would also enhance the cosmetic impact of the result. During the course of the one-day FUE procedure, Dr. Wong and his staff successfully transplanted 1300 grafts to restore a slightly lower and much stronger hairline. Temple points were also reconstructed as planned. 203 of these grafts were single hair grafts, 733 were doubles and 364 were 3 hair grafts. These photos were taken approximately 1 year after the procedure he is very happy and impressed with the final results.