FUE Result 3 Years after for 3520 grafts – NW Class 4 – HDC Hair Clinic – Dr Maras

This is a NW Class 4 patient and a potential Class 5. You can see his NW scale in the before photos.

He had some hair in the transplanted area. This gave us the option to spread the transplanted 3520 grafts into an area that would need more, if he had a completely bald recipient. This way we saved donor for the future.

We advised the patient to use our mixed Minoxidil – Finasteride Gel (Hair Loss Treatments - HDc Hair Transplant Clinic (hairtransplants-hdc.com) , starting one month after the surgery, and he is still using it to date. This probably maintained his existing hair if not even make it little better. This helped the transplanted hair to give a full coverage of the recipient area.

The patient obviously is very happy and was glad to allow us to post his result.

You can see the triangles in the front, achieving an irregular hairline (now we do it less intense), that the density drops after the first 3 cm to cover more area and avoid damaging his existing hair.

We treat each case according to the patient’s needs. With HDC Hair Clinic, you will get the best treatment that the industry can provide!


Immediately after

3 Years after