FUE Result for 2 Sessions – 5420 Grafts – HDC Hair Clinic – Dr Maras

This patient had his 1st FUE Hair Transplant on May 2019 for 2900 grafts. We covered the front and spread some grafts behind the hairline in his existing hair.

By the time of his 2nd FUE in October 2021 he lost his native hair in the transplanted area behind the hairline and also lost some hair behind that. So, we covered this area with another 2515 grafts.

So, he had a total of 5420 grafts in 2 sessions.

This result is presented only 5 months after 2nd FUE.

Before FUE1

Immediately after FUE1

Before FUE2

Immediately after FUE2

Donor 5 days after FUE2

5 Months after FUE2