FUE Result for 3000 Grafts – NW Class 3 – Wavy hair – HDC Hair Clinic – Dr Christina

This is a 27-Year-old Patient who lost his hair in the front Triangle. A Classic NW Scale 3 hair loss.

Dr Christina and the medical team of HDC Hair Clinic in Cyprus, Transplanted 3000 grafts to this area.

  • In the Before photos, you can see the shape and height of the hairline, which suits best this patient to get the best of natural appearance.
  • In the high clarity post op Recipient area Photo, you can see the irregularity of the hairline, the single grafts in the front and the pattern of placing and spacing between the grafts, mimicking the normal growth of hair.
  • In the immediate post op donor area photo, you can see how clean the donor with minimum trauma and equal spacing from one punch to the other. In HDC we can get more grafts from a given donor over additional Transplantation surgeries due to correct extraction process.
  • In the result photos, you can see the full growth of the hair in the correct angles and how nicely fits the appearance of the patient.
  • When hair is pulled back you can see the detail of the growth on the hairline, looking like is his own hair, due to the naturality of the result.

Also, you can see that this result is presented with nice and clear photos so that all the detail of the Hair transplantation procedure is revealed.

Even a non-expert can understand a good job.

Make detailed research before deciding which clinic to choose. Don’t get carried away from Instagram and Tik Tok advertising.


Immediately After


FUE Result for 3000 Grafts – NW Class 3 – Wavy hair – HDC Hair Clinic – Dr Christina photo