FUE Result for 4400 Grafts – 6 Months after – HDC Hair Clinic

This is a case of a 35-year-old patient who wanted to cover his baldness. He had high donor hair on the sides, but his baldness extended low to the back to the NW class 6 area. His back donor was limited. Therefore, we had to divide his coverage into two surgeries: one for the front and top and another one for the crown.

We transplanted 4400 grafts and covered a relatively large surface area. The design of the area to cover was such that the crown would look naturally empty and not like a half-finished job.

The result is only 6 months after surgery and has some way to go.

As we mentioned in other posts, we distributed the punching of the grafts over the entire useful donor area of the patient and his donor still looks very good. We can easily get the rest of about 2500 grafts needed to cover the crown.

Choose your hair transplant clinic wisely.

It is your personality and integrity for a lifetime at stake.


Immediately after

6 Months after